Zuckerberg Still Has Not Given Up On The Metaverse?

  • In the year 2021, Mark Zuckerberg will be the one who rebrands the Facebook Company. 
  • Also, an organization whose mission has suddenly shifted to the construction of the entire metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual reality. 

But people need to know that, in these years, this metaverse has yet to truly materialize. Also, people need to make sure that Meta’s efforts to make everything virtual reality have already taken some serious capital. Hence, in this content piece, people will understand the metaverse and yes, in the year 2022, Meta’s Reality Labs division, which focuses on virtual reality productions, also posted a very large operating loss of $13.7 Billion. 

Mark Zuckerberg Still Has Not Given Up On The Metaverse

So, this is one of the most interesting and important sections of this whole article, as it will be about the above title. Now, people need to know that in April, Mark was the one who maintained that, despite rumors of the death of the metaverse, it builds out the metaverse and is a long-term project. 

Also, Meta is the one that remains committed to it and he is also the one who reaffirmed his support for the metaverse in an interview with Forbes on September 26. Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg also added that the other one he thinks is going to be one of the most exciting over time is nothing but the metaverse. Also, it is the ability for people to feel physically present with another person, no matter where they are in the world. 

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His long-term VR vision always centers around high-tech glasses rather than the oft-bulky headsets that are the ones that currently allow people to just play in the virtual environment. Later, Mark Zuckerberg also noted that meta-enabled glasses are also a few years away, as it should be understood that making small things is always hard. Now, due to improved technology, meta-enabled glasses will be available in less than a decade. 

Also, in one interview, Mark was the one who said that over the coming years, people will always get into the zone where the overall digital world is that which is accessed through screens. It is more and more blended into the world around us. 

Mark is not the only techie who is looking at the virtual world. Also, art, games, and media are some of the most interesting thought experiments to think about how much stuff around people could be holograms. The chair will not be, and food will not be, but most of the other things around people could always be holograms over time. 


Lastly, the entire Meta’s decision to break the lease provides a huge injection to British real estate giant British Land but at the same time, the hybrid work model is continually adapted to fit employees’ needs. The world of commercial real estate will also have to adapt to gain tenants.

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