Tips To Stop Spreading Misinformation On-line

 There has been an exponential rise in the spread of misinformation on the internet and social media platforms


 It is very important to double-check and verify each piece of information before believing in it and sharing it with others

 Check the source

 Find out the main source of the information to know its authenticity. Check if the sources are credible or if they have any biases with respect to the to

 Refer to more than one source

 Relying on just one source will rule out objectivity. You will only look at a single perspective of a story if you refer to a single source

 Basic fact-check

 As an active internet user and an educated citizen, you must learn how to do basic fact-checks to know if any information is true or false

 Ask questions

 Half information is still misinformation. Any HSTREET information sent to you must answer the basic 5Ws and 1H - What, Where, Who, When, Why, and How

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