Diet Tips To Deal With Dehydration

Dehydrate occurs when you lose more fluids than you consume. You can become dehydrated for a veriety of reasos, including heat, digestive issues and overexertion

Here are some diet tips to deal with dehydration

Choose Hydrating Food's

Eat food with a heigher water content to hydrate your body if you feel thirsty and dehydrated

Opt for broths and soups

Broths and soups delivery high water content and electrolytes which is the key combination to rehydrate the body

Drink  Milk

If you're dehydrated from excessive exercise or the heat, deink a glass of milk as it is high in water content and provides essential nutrients and electrolytes 

Avoid carbonated beverages

Avoid caffeine soda, or sugar-sweetened beverages as they can dehydrate you even more

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