All You Need To Know About Kashmiri Tea

The kashmiri tea, also known as Nun Chai is pink in colour and is a signification part of kashmiri hospitality

Nun Chai in the local kashmiri language means   salted tea. It is indigenous to kashmir valley and known for its salty taste and pink colour

The Pink colour comes from a pinch of baking soda added to tea. Baking soda reacts with tea leaves to give it a pink blue

This tea is infused with spices like star anise and garnished with crushed nuts like pistachio, almonds and csshews

Interestingly, Nun chai first came to kashmir from Yarkand, in Turkestan which is now in chaina

Gur-Gur chai in Ladakh and sheer chai are variants of Nun Chai. Few variants are sweetened by adding sugar

Water, Salt, and milk are added to the tyoth to obtain the rosy blush pink colour

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