7 Lip-Smacking Biryanis You Must try

 Biryani is one of the most relished foods in India. It is enriched with a delicious mix of rice fused with spices and meat

 Hyderabadi Biryani

 Originating from the kitchen of Nizams, this aromatic biryani can be either made from raw marinated meat or cooked meat layered with rice

 Lucknowi Biryani

 Also known as Awadhi biryani, this biryani is cooked in a special style called Dum Pukht and flavoured with star anise, cinnamon and saffron

 Muradabadi Biryani

 Named after the Muradabad city of UP, this biryani is traditionally prepared by cooking raw chicken with rice and spices

 Kolkata Biryani

 Originating in Kolkata, this biryani traces back to Lucknow's Awadhi-style biryani. It is cooked with boiled eggs and potatoes

 Sindhi Biryani

 Recipe of this biryani roots back to Sindh province, modern-day Pakistan. It is infused with prune and potatoes and garnished with dry fruits

 Malabar Biryani

 As the name suggests, this biryani emerged from the Malabar region of Kerala. Relish this dish with Kerala special Pappadam

 Delhi Biryani

 Tracing back to the Mughal era, Nizamuddin and Shahjahanabad biryani originated in Delhi. They areknown for their distinctive flavours

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