4 Exercise To Get Relief From Period Pain

 Here are 4 easy exercises you can do as per your endurance to get relief from period cramps

 Cobra Pose

 Lie down on your belly with your legs straight, place both your hands in front of your chest and lift yourself up

 Glute bridge

 Lie down with your knees folded and your feet about 5 inches from the glutes. Rest your arms on the floor and push to move your hips up

 Head to knee pose

 Sit with one of your legs folded and the other one stretched out. Bend to touch the feet with both hands and rest your head on your thighs

 Butterfly pose

 Sit with both your legs folded in a butterfly pose. Hold your feet with both hands and move your legs up and down

 If you have extremely painful cramps, then visit a doctor and take the necessary steps

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