Top Crypto Social Trading Platforms: 2023’s Best Choices

  • The Rise of Social Trading in Crypto
  • Top 5 Crypto Social Trading Platforms in 2023
  • Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Platform

Cryptocurrency social trading has gained significant popularity among individuals seeking to participate in the digital asset markets. These platforms merge the influence of social networks with the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape, providing users with the chance to glean insights from seasoned traders, replicate their tactics, and potentially achieve financial gains. 

As of 2023, a handful of leading crypto social trading platforms have risen to prominence. This article delves into the top five of these platforms and highlights the essential features to contemplate when making a selection.

The Rise Of Social Trading In Crypto

The concept of social trading is simple yet powerful. It enables inexperienced traders or those lacking the bandwidth for exhaustive research to track and replicate the techniques employed by proficient traders. Within the cryptocurrency realm, this translates to users capitalizing on the knowledge of seasoned traders, potentially enhancing their prospects for success.

Top 5 Crypto Social Trading Platforms In 2023

  • eToro Crypto 

eToro is one of the pioneers of social trading and remains a leader in the field. It offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies and allows users to follow and copy the portfolios of top traders. eToro’s user-friendly interface and community features make it a popular choice.

  • NAGA 

NAGA is a social trading platform with a strong focus on cryptocurrencies. It integrates social features, such as a news feed and user profiles, with a variety of trading instruments. Users can follow experienced traders, engage in discussions, and automatically replicate their trades.

  • Covesting (PrimeXBT)
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Covesting is a unique platform that operates as a module within PrimeXBT, a crypto exchange. It allows traders to showcase their strategies, and users can choose to follow and copy these strategies directly. This transparency and the performance metrics provided make it a standout option.

  • ZuluTrade 

While ZuluTrade primarily began as a forex social trading platform, it has expanded its offerings to include cryptocurrencies. It connects traders and investors, allowing investors to follow and copy the trades of skilled traders. ZuluTrade’s algorithm ranks traders based on their performance.

  • KuCoin Social Trading 

KuCoin, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, introduced its social trading platform. It provides a space for traders to showcase their strategies and allows users to subscribe to these strategies. The integration with Kucoin’s exchange makes it easy for users to execute trades.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing A Trading Platform

Ensure the platform offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade and follow. Look for platforms that provide transparent performance metrics and trading histories for the traders one can follow. Consider the platform’s user interface and how easy it is to navigate and execute trades. Evaluate whether the platform offers risk management tools to help protect their investments. Assess the community features and educational resources available on the platform to enhance their trading knowledge.


Crypto social trading platforms have brought a new dimension to cryptocurrency trading by allowing users to leverage the expertise of experienced traders. The aforementioned leading platforms provide distinctive attributes and accommodate various trading approaches. Similar to any investment endeavor, it’s crucial to conduct comprehensive research, grasp the inherent risks, and meticulously choose the platform that harmonizes with one’s trading objectives. 

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In 2023, social trading will persist as a prominent trend within the cryptocurrency landscape, offering prospects for both experienced and novice traders to excel in the ever-evolving crypto markets.

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