The Top 10 Best-Selling NFT Artists Right Now

NFT Artists

NFT artists create digital artistic creations or collectibles, encode these pieces into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, and auction them to prospective collectors in the emerging digital art industry. These creative individuals frequently use blockchain technology to create possession, limited availability, and authenticity for their digital artwork, revolutionizing the art world. Beeple, CryptoPunk creators, and many young talents exploring the frontiers of digital art are among the prominent NFT artists.

Top 10 Best-Selling NFT Artists Right Now


Murat Pak, sometimes known as Pak, is a mysterious person in the realm of NFT. Pak is credited with developing Archillect, an AI-powered curation of the content platform, as well as offering a platform where NFTs may be burned to get Ash tokens. In December 2021, their NFT collection “The Merge” acquired $91.8 million. Pak’s future plans are still unknown; however, he is linked with UNDREAM, a media encounter studio, and seeks to build Archillect.


Beeple, famed for his “Everydays” sequence, created a record when his NFT artwork sold at Christie’s for $69 million. He continues to work on a regular basis, tackling numerous topics. Beeple is actively active in the Web3 community and holds workshops. He will appear at The Gateway: Korea event.


Erick Calderon, frequently referred to as Snowfro, is a well-known player in the Web3 field, primarily recognized for his generating art project Chromie Squiggle and founding the artistic generative portal Art Blocks. His most recent effort is working with ProhibitionArt on a comprehensive regenerative project titled “Heart + Craft.” This study seeks to investigate the value of NFTs transcending shortages and potential commitments, with an emphasis on a digital and, if desired, physical future for greater consumer appeal. His artwork is worth a whopping $93,017,141 USD in total.

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Tyler Hobbs 

Tyler Hobbs is well-known in the Web3 sector as a pioneer in generative art NFTs, notably for his coveted Fidenza collection, which has sold for millions of dollars at auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s. He’s now celebrating the first year anniversary of his QQL project, which he created in partnership with Indigo, with delights and the distribution of tangible prints. His artworks are worth a whopping $73,230,141 USD in total.


The unidentified London-based digital artist XCOPY is known for their glitch-style artworks, which frequently explore concepts of doomsday and crypto culture. Their album “All-Time High in the City” received widespread attention, eventually being sold for $6.1 million USD after being named for 0.5 ETH in 2021. XCOPY remains to preserve an appearance in digital galleries, sparking rumors about a possibly impending open edition release, despite the fact that their present work remains beneath covers. Their artworks are worth a whopping $63,112,183 USD in total.

Dmitri Cherniak 

Dmitri Cherniak, a well-known generative artist, rose to prominence through his Ethereum-stored p5js function on Art Blocks, which led to the production of the Ringers series, which has 1,000 distinct geometric NFTs. Notably, “The Goose” from this group of works sold at Sotheby’s for $6.2 million. Cherniak is now working on a tangible art book for his Light Years series in partnership with Fellowship, as well as pursuing a fascination with tangible impressions. His artworks are worth a whopping $61,938,324 USD in total.


Hackatao, founded by Italian artists Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci, entered the Web3 realm via SuperRare and received acclaim for their stimulating artworks addressing social challenges, the environment, crypto, and art history. Hackatao strives to interact with the public via their creative endeavors, most recently releasing a 10-minute cartoon reminiscing on their creative journey, which was shown at NFCsummit Lisbon.

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Matt DesLauriers

Matt DesLauriers, also known as Mattdesl in Web3, is well-known for his dynamic art projects Subscapes and Meridian, both of which were first featured on Art Blocks. Along with his NFT endeavors, he has dabbled with business endeavors, designing collaborative pieces that have been displayed at international events and exhibits. While his previous X postings may have hinted at upcoming projects or his experiments with challenging publications, he’s also teamed with Monopo and VertoEditions on an outstanding art book that elegantly shows his talents. His artworks are worth a total of $30,198,366 USD.


Victor Langlois, alias FEWOCiOUS, is a well-known Web3 artist best recognized for his work with Stonewall, David Bowie’s estate, and Billboard magazine. His artworks are today worth a whopping $28,541,690 USD. Langlois is constantly involved in his Fewos collection ecology, with fresh publications planned for mid-September highlighting his ongoing additions to the NFT art realm.

Trevor Jones

Bryan Jones, recognized for fusing conventional artwork with technology, has received acclaim for works such as “Bitcoin Angel” and “From Palette to Canvas,” which made millions in minutes in 2021. In partnership with MakersPlace, he is now preparing to stage the “Castle Party 2023” event, which will include local food, an open bar, DJs, discussions, fireworks, and an artist charity exhibition. His artworks are worth a whopping $23,498,672 USD in total.

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