The StepN App: Earn Cryptocurrency While Doing Exercise

  • StepN is the first move-to-earn-based app. 
  • It helps to earn rewards for users on the basis of physical activity and also motivates people to live a healthy lifestyle. 
  • It is a good investment source for those who are actively involved in exercising. 

StepN is a Web3 and move-to-earn-based app that motivates and encourages people to adopt a better lifestyle by providing them rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. It is a good investment option for those users whose goals are aligned with the vision of the app. The app tracks the user’s movement through GPS. 

What Is the StepN App?

It is one of the first move-to-earn (M2E) mobile NFT games that is powered by the Solana blockchain. This app helps users earn tokens by running outdoors, jogging, walking, or any other physical movement. It motivates millions of people to adopt a better lifestyle. It helps users enter the Web3 era and simultaneously helps to achieve carbon neutrality. It was launched in March 2022. 

The co-founders of Solana-based StepN are Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong. The app was developed by an Australian fintech firm called Find Satoshi Lab. It is the first Web3 running app whose market capital is really good, around $ 5.0 Million. Users’ movements are tracked through GPS and rewards are credited to the user’s wallet as GST (Green Satoshi Tokens). It is a unique app that encourages users to combat climate change, live a healthy lifestyle, and link the public to Web3. 

How Does StepN App Work?  

First, users need to download the StepN app, followed by signing up through their email address. Users may connect their wallets to explore StepN cryptocurrency after verification. There are two types of tokens available in the StepN app; GST (Green Satoshi Token) and GMT (Green Metaverse Token). GMT is a governance token, whereas GST has an unlimited supply. The users of the StepN Game-Fi system use NFTs in the form of sneakers. 

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Hence, they have to first deposit SOL tokens in the app wallet to buy NFT sneakers. The user may select different attributes such as efficiency, resilience, and comfort. The features of sneakers contribute to the energy cap. 

There are four main characteristics of sneakers; efficiency, luck, resilience, and comfort. The higher-efficiency sneakers earn us more tokens per time spent moving. Luck is a quality of randomness to earning. If we have higher energy and a higher luck score on sneakers, then it may help us to get something called a mystery box at the end of a run. 

Ways of Earning Crypto

The app helps to make money. Users can access three gameplay features—the solo, marathon, and background modes—to participate and earn money. Sneakers are required to earn money. 1 unit of energy is equal to five minutes of move & earn movement, which can be recharged by purchasing an NFT sneaker. Users should always make sure that their GPS signal is not weak. 


Crypto investment depends on the goals and objectives of committing money to some projects. Hence, the StepN app is a great option to earn money in the form of rewards by doing your work only. It will keep the users fit and healthy and motivate them to adopt a good and healthy lifestyle. If our goals correlate with the vision of the app, then it may be a good investment project for us.

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