The Fall Continues In Everscale Token: Will It Reach All-Time Low?

  • Everscale Token Token is the native cryptocurrency of Everscale Network.
  • Everscale is a blockchain network designed to support various applications that need scalable, safe, and quick transactions. 
  • The proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus method used by the network incentivizes users to protect it and use less energy.

Everscale Token Token is the native cryptocurrency of Everscale Network. The business raised $5 million from Venom Ventures Fund in January 2023 to grow its engineering staff and finance additional ecosystem advancements.

After a recent token heist, Everscale DeFi Alliance has shown to be a symbol of swift reaction and community interest protection.

The EVER Token’s market data

EVER Token is valued at $46.558 million on the market. In the market valuation of the EVER at the time of publishing, there was a 1.55% fall. 

EVER Token volume increased 12.70% over the last 24 hours. Uneven token distribution is present. Trades totaling $565.603K were made for the EVER Token over the last 24 hours.

At present, EVER Token stands at position 414th among the 8,818 active cryptocurrencies globally, as determined by their market capitalization. Concerning liquidity, EVER Token is rated at 1.07%. 

1.933 billion EVER tokens are in circulation right now. All EVER Tokens that are currently on the market are valued at $2.099 billion. 

Technical Analysis of Everscale Token

Technical Analysis of EVER Token
Source: CRYPTO: EVERUSD by Trading View

On the daily technical charts, there is significant bearish pressure on the price of EVER Token. The 200-day and 100-day EMAs are being traded above. Despite multiple attempts by buyers, the token has not been able to break above its important resistance trend line in the last few months. 

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As of right now, the token is trading close to $0.023998 and it declined just 0.63% during the intraday trading session.

The year-to-date negative returns were 3.57%. The last six months had unfavorable returns of 54.12%, the previous month saw pessimistic returns of 44.72%. Last week saw gloomy returns of 18.59%.

During the preceding 30 days, the Everscale Token recorded 07 of 30 green days, or roughly 23% of the total days. The price variation of the token during the preceding thirty days was 17.41%

Everscale Token Daily Technical Indicators

Regarding EVER Token, selling activity is indicated at the $0.046489 price point by the 100-day Simple Moving Average. 

The price to sell Everscale Token is $0.043022, according to its 100-day Exponential Moving Average. 

Moreover, its 200-day SMA is offering Everscale Token for sale at $0.050922, which is the market price. 

At $0.051799, its 200-day EMA indicates a trend toward selling. Neutrality is indicated by the RSI (14) line at 34.434288.


Indicators suggest that the Everscale price may continue its downward trajectory. The price movement of Everscale indicates that traders and investors are pessimistic about the 1-day time frame. Right now, the price activity indicates a gloomy outlook. Expert predictions state that by November 08, 2023, EVER Token may reach   $ 0.021654. It would translate into a 7.35% decline in value, which is good for all coins. 

Technical Levels

Support level- $0.016391 and $0.008256

Resistance level- $0.076617 and $0.053830


The views and opinions stated by the author, or any people named in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not establish financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading crypto or stock comes with a risk of financial loss. 

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