SEC Alleges Binance.US Involvement in Crypto Mirage Trading

  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has formally accused Binance.US, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, of engaging in deceptive trading practices known as ‘crypto mirage trade.’ 
  • The term “crypto mirage trades” refers to manipulative tactics used to create the illusion of liquidity and trading activity within the cryptocurrency market, raising concerns about market integrity and investor protection. 

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently leveled serious accusations against Binance.US, sending ripples through the cryptocurrency market. These allegations revolve around what the SEC terms ‘crypto mirage trades.’ This article delves into the specifics of the SEC’s accusations, examines the concept of crypto mirage trades, and explores the potential ramifications for both Binance.US and the wider cryptocurrency industry. 

Understanding Crypto Mirage Trading

Crypto-mirage trading, a term coined to describe a deceptive practice within the cryptocurrency market, involves creating the illusion of high returns through sophisticated tactics. Traders or platforms entice unsuspecting investors with promises of quick riches, using manipulated data, fake testimonials, and inflated performance records. However, beneath this mirage lies a perilous reality: investors often end up losing substantial sums of money. 

Regulators worldwide have intensified efforts to combat such fraudulent schemes, but the crypto-mirage trading phenomenon persists, preying on the greed and lack of knowledge among some market participants. As the cryptocurrency market evolves, caution and due diligence remain essential to navigate these treacherous waters.

Is It Legal to Use Binance In The U.S.?

The legal Binance in the United States was a subject of uncertainty and concern. Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, had faced regulatory scrutiny due to its operations in the US. The issue primarily revolved around the fact that Binance had launched a separate platform called Binance US to cater to American customers, which aimed to comply with US regulations. However, access to certain assets and features available on the main Binance platform was restricted for US users due to regulatory differences. 

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The legality of using Binance in the US depends on specific actions and the regulatory environment. Some users continued to access the main Binance platform from the US, but it was essential to be aware of potential legal and regulatory risks. The US authorities were actively monitoring cryptocurrency exchanges, and changes in regulations could impact the legality of using Binance in the country. Therefore, it was advisable to stay informed about the latest developments and consider using Binance US or other compliant exchanges to ensure compliance with US cryptocurrency regulations. 


The SEC’s accusations against Binance.US for alleged crypto mirage trade underscore the growing regulatory scrutiny in the cryptocurrency industry. This case highlights the need for increased transparency and adherence to regulatory standards to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of crypto markets in the United States.

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