NFT Collabs and Communities Connect for Gaining Traction

  • NFT collaborations can provide more traction and eyesight for your project.
  • Various NFT communities have emerged and have marketplace-like potential.

NFT collab is actually a part of the NFT launch strategy, which was initially manifested to make the NFT and crypto art ecosystem more inclusive, interactive, and collaborative. As a part of the strategy, a specific number of NFTs were designated for the giveaway to NFT holders.

NFT Collabs and Following

Collaborations are done to serve a dual purpose. Firstly, your projects get attention and chatter in as many relevant NFT communities as possible. Further trends can also get people talking about traits of the NFT they minted and so on. Secondly, building up your project and getting more hits on it helps a user build a Twitter following or Discord community membership.

The following and clout that a user has on other prominent platforms matter because people generally evaluate a project by numbers and the people behind those numbers, for better or worse, are looked upon with a skeptical eye. 

If you have a million followers and an interested buyer of your project doesn’t recognize or is not familiar with any of them, then there is a good chance that the buyer will perceive you as someone who has bought those followers and is a clout chaser.

Thus, such a profile buildup can cast doubt on you and tamper with the image of your impeccable project, which probably had a huge potential to yield lucrative capital for you. Therefore, it is preferred to build an organic following over social media platforms such as Twitter or Discord so that the likelihood that someone is accustomed to the people in your followers list will increase.

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NFT Communities as a Prospect for Collabs 

In order to get the largest benefits out of collaborations, it is essential to partner with as many unique pockets present in the NFT space as possible. It will be a good approach to judge the potential members and prospects with the use of Venn diagrams in order to sort out which community to choose. That will specify the community for you with the most potential members.

Another approach is to prioritize the collaboration prospects that you have chosen and reach out to them accordingly. Identification of 10 to 20 different flipping communities will help. Communities like Underground and Wumbo Labs are some of the top flipping and trading communities to look out for. Also, the Proof and Moonbirds communities have a heavy overlap. Such overlap hasn’t been noticed with communities like SupDucks and Moonbirds.

It is also to be noted that finding visibility in the Discord community can also help to a greater extent. Sometimes the colab manager is listed and tagged alongside the owner and the mods. If you find the right collaboration manager, you can get the connections of 10 to 20 different communities through their network. 

Twitter can also facilitate Discord-like advantages, as it is a good place to find people who have a network and extract collaborations for you. They are generally proactive and manage multiple projects.


NFT collaborations can help you connect with some incredible communities and gain more traction and eyesight. It is for marketers and developers to create a more integrative and collaborative community in order to uplift the whole scene and make it more lucrative for the majority.

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