Neptune To Launch On The Injective Blockchain: Leaderboard Announced

  • With the introduction of Injective, Neptune Finance, a cutting-edge digital credit facility for self-serve financing, is preparing for its next stage of growth. 
  • Neptune Finance recently announced its strategic objectives and intentions for onboarding testnet customers and carrying out mainnet tests.

Binance Labs’ Injective was developed in 2018 and later supported by Jump Crypto, Pantera Capital, and self-made billionaire Mark Cuban. It received institutional money in the third quarter of 2022 from Brevan Howard and Jump. Its ecosystem supports decentralized applications (dApps), like Wormhole, Figment, Coinbase and Figment, to mention a few. The first layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol that fully enables decentralized cross-chain derivatives trading and borderless DeFi is the injective protocol. 

The platform enables a wide range of derivative instruments, including perpetual swaps, CFDs, and others. By scaling trade execution and settlement on layer 2 while remaining completely decentralized, the protocol’s technical foundation increases speed by an order of magnitude. Individuals can freely develop and trade derivatives markets thanks to Injective’s decentralized architecture.

Neptune Leaderboard For Active Users

The Neptune Leaderboard is one intriguing feature that Neptune Finance will debut when it is released. By moving up the leaderboard, this feature will enable users to compete for early access credibility as Neptune users. The highest eligibility for honors and other special benefits will go to those who take the top spots on the leaderboard. When the official testnet launch occurs, more information about this leaderboard will be released.

A ground-breaking digital credit facility for self-serve finance, Neptune Finance. Its distinctive interest rate strategy promotes borrowing and provides opportunities for high-interest loans. The Neptune protocol links borrowers and lenders at rates 2x to 3x better than competing approaches because of smart contracts. 

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Mainnet Testing Development

To ensure a smooth launch, the Neptune Finance team is constantly involved in mainnet testing, simulating actual circumstances. The preparations for the Injective mainnet integration are well underway, as the final components are being polished.

The essential conditions for Neptune Finance’s operations, such as increased volume, pair depth, and price oracles, were underlined. Integrating with Injective is a direct response to these demands. The team is currently concentrating on getting the app ready for release now that all the key elements are in place.

Neptune Finance will support assets including USDC, USDT, and INJ for ease of use during the testnet deployment period. This strategy guarantees a seamless testing procedure while creating the framework for a strong DeFi lending platform.


The platform uses peg zones to access the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems, enabling quick cross-chain trade without paying gas costs. Every element of the network has been created by Injective to be completely trustworthy, censorship-resistant, publicly verifiable, and front-running-resistant.  

The native token of the Injective Protocol, INJ, serves a variety of purposes, including protocol governance, capturing exchange fee value, collateralizing derivatives, mining for liquidity, and staking. Voting on the governance plan and contributing ideas are both encouraged by users and token owners. This democratic method guarantees that the Injective community will actively participate in the platform’s growth and have a substantial impact on its future.

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