IntegrationNet Disrupting Traditional Soft Node Program

  • IntegrationNet played a pivotal role in the empowerment of metagraph support by Constellation Network.
  • Soft Node determines staking with a minimum amount of 2,50,000 $DAG to earn rewards.

IntegrationNet provides a fractional staking option to users who own less than $250,000. With this feature, users can now stake their preferred amount with a minimum of 100 $DAG on the Constellation Network to receive a share of the staking reward pool. The DAG platform has prioritized a decentralized and sustainable user-oriented ecosystem. This initiative led to the improvement of the dynamic ecosystem as the team announced a significant transformation that will steer the Constellation Network towards a rewarding and inclusive landscape.

Soft Node Program

The Soft Node was introduced as a cornerstone of early-stage incentivizing programs where users get rewards in exchange for staked tokens. This program garnered huge traction from community members while it secured the network during the early stages. However, the network evolution led to a strategic shift.

This platform aims to reward network contributors who constantly provide resources for the network’s security, integrity, and well-being. Meanwhile, it also incentivizes innovation and exploration. To comply with recent and future ecosystem requirements, there is a rewarding structure for users to leverage the benefits of staking.

This reward allocation structure faces a notable variation from 0% to 20%, which reflects a shift away from the Soft Node to the active contributor’s reward. This feature was further enhanced with the addition of key network participants, which increased the rewards for Testnet operators and validators. This plays a pivotal role in transaction validation while complying with the network’s security and integrity. The Testnet operators who pave the way for the future and host experimental network features will get an allocation of rewards within 1% to 3%.

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Evolution of IntegrationNet

The emergence of additional Testnet plays a crucial role in the empowerment of meta-graph support that enables continuous improvement while innovating the network’s stability and functionality. IntegrationNet was developed to facilitate up to 300 nodes, where 200 of them are reserved for the lottery process.

The remaining 100 node positions are allocated to the metagraph nodes and other contributors to guarantee a diversified ecosystem as it promotes collaboration and information sharing. In the testing stage of the stable protocol version, both the pre-released and latest iterated versions leveraged IntegrationNet.

The comprising nodes are responsible for an optimized and reliable environment. IntegrationNet’s primary goal is to empower metagraph support while testing new cases within a stable landscape. This network is anticipated to help by standing at the forefront of technological enhancement and fulfilling the needs of an increased user base.

What Is the IntegrationNet Node Operator Program?

This program allows $DAG holders to participate in the development of the network by becoming node operators. These program-based node operators are essential components of Constellation Network as they directly participate in and contribute to the network’s evolution and compliance.

A node operator has various duties and responsibilities, such as network maintenance, transaction verification, network upgrading/updating, and security as well. A user who has a fundamental understanding of blockchain can effectively manage and troubleshoot potential issues and can become a node operator. Users who don’t have any expertise are provided with significant resources and support throughout their journey of becoming a node operator.


The emergence of IntegrationNet catapults trust within decentralized networks and community members by fostering the ethos of Constellation. Willing users are asked to submit additional information about their specific node or wallet with a collateral of 2,50,000 $DAG to ensure the completion and official launch of IntegrationNet. Selected participants are listed in a queue that determines their allocation as per future availability. Participants who fail to fulfill the needed requirements will lose their queue position.

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