Hong Kong-Based Equity Fund Fuels Crypto Investment

  • Hong Kong-based investors pour $100 million into a regional equity fund fuels focused on the digital industry.
  • ProDigital Future, an early-stage Web3 investment fund fuels, aims to expand its capital to $100 million by the end of 2023.
  • This initiative is led by prominent figures in the industry, supported by local and international players, and comes as Hong Kong reopens to crypto trading.

The digital revolution is sweeping the world, and Hong Kong is seizing the opportunity with a $100 million investment into the ProDigital Future fund. This equity fund is making its mark on the cryptocurrency landscape, focusing on early-stage Web3 companies in the region. As Hong Kong reopens its doors to crypto trading, ProDigital Future is gearing up to become a major player in the industry.

The Visionaries Behind the Fund

At the helm of this ambitious initiative are two distinguished figures in the tech and investment realms. Ben Ng, a partner at SAIF Partners, a Hong Kong-headquartered equity firm, is joined by Kurt Shi, a seasoned tech investor hailing from China. Their combined expertise and vision are driving this venture towards success.

Strong Backing and Ambitious Goals

As it stands, ProDigital Future has demonstrated its potential by closing its six-month funding period with a handsome sum of approximately $30 Million in reserves. But this is only a start. This is indicated by the funds’ plan to raise a total of $100 million in capital before the year 2023, reflecting the rising eagerness to invest in digital assets across the region.

Overcoming Skepticism in the Crypto Space

Investing in the cryptocurrency sphere can be daunting, but ProDigital Future has encountered a relatively smooth fundraising process, even in the face of skepticism. This signals a growing interest and confidence in the potential of crypto ventures. Notably, Sunwah Kingsway Capital Holdings and Golin International Group have expressed their commitment to contributing to this fund.

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From Local to Global

ProDigital Future’s reach is not confined to Hong Kong. While it has its roots in this bustling financial hub, the fund has ambitious plans to expand its presence to Australia, Singapore, Europe, and the United States. This expansion signifies its commitment to exploring global opportunities in the digital sector.

Investing in Innovation

The heart of ProDigital Future’s mission is to fuel innovation. The fund has already directed its capital towards projects that leverage digital assets. Collaborations with notable organizations like GigaSpace and One Future Football have showcased its commitment to exploring the potential of digital assets and blockchain technology.

Regulatory Landscape

This timing could not be better, as it happens to take place in the changing regulatory environment of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government was considering proposing a bill that would legalize cryptocurrency for circulation in fall 2022. New licensing rules for cryptocurrency exchanges were proposed by the Hong Kong Securities Commission and are slated to be implemented in June. It is such developments that attest to the necessity of campaigns such as ProDigital Future that do not simply exploit opportunities for digital assets but function within the context of developing legislation.


The shift is also evident in Hong Kong’s investment in the ProDigital Future. This investment of a hundred million dollars in this regional equity Fund Fuels indicates increasing interest in digital currency and, of course, Web3 technology. As the fund increases its reach by incorporating international support, it stands ready to play an instrumental role in shaping the e-society, first in Hong Kong and then worldwide. ProDigital Future is a perfect example of how the resilient cryptocurrency industry can overcome the challenges of new regulations and prove itself flexible in terms of advancing innovation.

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