Here Is The Guide If One Is Stuck At Binance Verification

  • As it is known by all, Binance is the globally leading Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. 
  • Founded in 2017, this is also the organization that had an unmatched rise within three years. 

Nowadays, people are very interested in crypto and everyone knows that this crypto game is one of the hottest trends that people are following. As the number of users increases day by day, the demand for all the trading platforms is also increasing. According to the rule of thumb, people can not trust every single cryptocurrency platform. 

Reasons Behind Why Is Binance Verification Crucial

For everything, there have been some solid reasons and benefits of verifying the entire Binance account that the folks are searching in different content pieces.

Firstly, to unlock higher trading limits, just like on different crypto trading platforms, Binance is the platform that necessitates identity verification to unlock unlimited trading limits. Also, as it is known by all that the cryptocurrency game is on fire, all the scammers and games are very active. 

Anyone can hack the account if it is not verified on Binance and it is also not safe to use it. Securing the particular Binance account just to minimize the scams and chances of getting the data can also be altered. 

Also, every cryptocurrency exchange flows business based on the rules and regulations of global finance. There are also some primary demands of the laws that have to be verified by consumers. 

Steps To Complete Identity Verification On Binance 

People need to make sure that they follow the steps to verify any account on any platform, which is one of the most important things. 

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So, below are some steps that can help one get their Binance account verified.

  • Step 1: Process of Verification

Firstly, people need to log in to their account on the website and then go directly to the user’s account option. The particular option will be on the top right of the navigation bar. Now, under the user’s option, the second option will be verification and people need to click on it. Next, there will be three levels on the personal verification page. If someone has not passed any level, then start with the primary level. 

  • Step 2: Documents to be uploaded 

Now, in this step, people need to make sure that they need to enter their basic information like nationality, first, middle, and last name, date of birth, postal code, address, and city. After documents are submitted, click on the continue button. After loading, the account is now verified but on the primary level.

  • Step 3: Upload Photos 

After this, people will have to upload their photos and while doing so, they need to make sure that they are focused and not blurred. Later, photos of either an identity card, driver’s license, or passport need to be uploaded.

  • Step 4: The document should be attached 

Now, in this step, people will have to complete their facial verification. Someone can feel that face verification is perplexing, but at the same time, following guidelines while verifying the account is a must.

  • Step 5: Verification with Mobiles 

If there are times when the computer is not working or is lacking, then people can do facial verification on their phones. Just by scanning the QR code to access the verification, people will be able to open the Binance app on their mobile phones.

  • Step 6: Advanced Verification 
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Now, this is the last and final verification after completing the personal and intermediate-level verification. If someone is verified, then their badge should be orange. Now, people need to provide some documents that provide proof of their address.


Lastly, the common issue while verifying is face verification, as people are not able to complete their face verification even after they have uploaded their documents. So, people need to make sure that they are not wearing any glasses and avoid filters. 

People will also have to wait for at least 7 to 10 days for their security badge. They will automatically receive mail where the particular badge will be displayed.

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