Google Pushes Deeper Into Blockchain: The Entire Protocol

  • The new smart feature released last month on the concept of ‘restaking’ will always be remembered by all the alert readers. 
  • Also, many big tech companies are currently nosing into blockchain and yes, Google’s cloud-computing division is increasingly popping up in the entire crypto headlines. 

So, in this particular article, the main focus will eventually be on the entire protocol of Google that pushes deeper into the blockchain. Also, for today’s issue, Margaux Nijkerk gave an interview with Sreeram Kannan, who is a professor at the University of Washington and now he is the one who is serving as the founder of EigenLayer. This is the organization that is one of the most well-known restaking pioneers.

Google Pushes Deeper Into Blockchain

As it is already known, many big tech companies are nosing into the blockchain, which is Google’s cloud-computing division and is also the one that is increasingly popping up in crypto news headlines. Some executives were found on Web3 and are making the rounds with the media. 

Also, people need to know that last week, Google Cloud declared that it would add 11 networks, including Polygon, Polkadot, and Optimism, to its entire ‘BigQuery’ program for different public datasets that were originally set for Bitcoin in the year 2018. 

It is also very important to note that on September 14, the Orderly network, which is one of the decentralized exchanges already designed for white-labeling, was posted on X. Also, Google Cloud has been actively involved in alpha testing Google Web3 innovation over the past couple of years. 

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Google has also announced its business initiatives with BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, Infinity, Axie, Labs, LayerZero, Solana, and many more. It is also the organization that bears reminding readers that Google’s push to develop quantum computing has always been posited as an existential threat to the blockchain industry. 

How Has Ethereum Blockchain Showed Up Since April’s Shapella Upgrade?

As per the widely-circulated report, JP Morgan is the analyst and noted that the increase in network activity has been rather disappointing. Also, the daily transaction count over the network has very badly fallen by 12% and the daily active addresses are down 20%. 

All the analysts have acknowledged that the steep drop in Ethereum’s energy consumption as a result of the merger shift to a proof-of-stake network a year ago was nothing but the overall reduction in the issuance of new ETH, which is a bullish factor. 

There is also a median that pays globally among the various 570 blockchain engineers surveyed was $120,000, with those in North America getting $193,000. Also, a very fresh criticism is nothing but Ethereum developers are the ones who appear to have fallen behind in their particular push toward the next big upgrade, which will be known as Dencun. 


Last but not least, the Arbitrum Foundation, which is the one that maintains the entire development of the Arbitrum blockchain, reported that it had already transferred $69 Million, which is worth $59 Million. 

Also, there is a network named Mixin Network that has confirmed that a blockchain security consultancy that was hacked for nearly $200 Million on September 23 was an attack on the database of the particular cloud service provider. 

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