Earning NFTs Through Sandbox; An Online Multiplayer Game

  • Sandbox is a virtual game that operates on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Sandbox was started in 2011 as an online gaming platform
  • Sandbox pivoted its path toward blockchain gaming in 2018

Sandbox can be considered an open-world online multiplayer game where players are made to compete with each other in order to earn NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). Sandbox works on the same concept as another popular game, ‘Decentraland’. 

Sandbox and Its Integration With Voxel

Sandbox (SAND) is a classified virtual realm on the Ethereum blockchain. Through SAND, users can create and control their game experience. The created product can also be monetized by selling the gaming experience to users. The transactions are done with the platform’s utility token, SAND.

A centralized environment, however, restricts the creative rights and ownership of users. Sometimes, players are unable to get the deserving value of their creations under the umbrella of a centralized hold over the sales that were actually created by them.

Also, with the compatibility of copying, editing, and elaborating on the original content further, it gets difficult to prove the originality of the game and confirm the creative ownership. This hardship is addressed and resolved by the development of a voxel gaming platform that enables a user to construct, share, and trade without any dependence on or intervention from a central authority.

The Voxel gaming platform enables users to earn native crypto tokens. This move also showed good signs for the expansion of the blockchain gaming sector. NFTs are transforming and changing the way we acquire and experience ownership of any digital or physical art, or how we indulge in our participation in a community.

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Types of Sandbox Tokens

There are generally four types of users on the Sandbox platform. They are players, creators, curators, and landowners. In this enclosed economy of Sandbox, there is a reliance on four user-specific tokens, namely SAND, ASSET, LAND, and GAME. There are also GEMs and CATALYSTs, which are basically used with VoxEdit during asset construction.

The SAND token is the utility token that is used with the ERC-20 standard. It is specifically utilized for all transactions and interactions. The ASSET token in the Sandbox metaverse is an NFT based on the ERC-1155 standard created by VoxEdit users. It consists of various materialistic assets that can be vehicles, animals, or structures.

A LAND token is basically a digital piece of real estate that users can boost with games from Game Maker. The LAND token is based on the ERC-721 standard and is non-fungible. The GAME token is equipped with an interactive experience created by integrating assets and game programming.

The Sandbox ecosystem consists of three innovative products and services that ease the process of content generation. Three products are VoxEdit, Marketplace, and Game Maker. VoxEdit is specifically for the creation of NFT game assets. Game Maker makes it conducive for non-coders to create games and Marketplace, as the name suggests, is used for asset transactions.


Sandbox Protocol has partnered up with more than 165 brands as of now, including the likes of franchises such as The Walking Dead, Smurfs, etc. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg giving live virtual performances through it has popularized Sandbox with the promise of good future prospects

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