Delta Investment Tracker Review: A Comprehensive Look At A Multifaceted Portfolio Management App

  • This evaluation provides a comprehensive analysis of the Delta Investment Tracker app, which attempts to make investors’ lives easier by offering a centralized method of keeping track of and managing a variety of assets.
  • Particularly for investors who have broad portfolios spread across many asset classes and platforms, Delta Investment Tracker establishes its value as an all-in-one portfolio management software.

Managing a broad portfolio may be challenging in the world of finance and investing, particularly if one’s assets are dispersed over several different platforms and asset classes. This evaluation provides a comprehensive analysis of the Delta Investment Tracker app, which attempts to make investors’ lives easier by offering a centralized method of keeping track of and managing a variety of assets. This article will look at its capabilities, cost, and how it stacks up against alternatives.

Delta Investment Tracker: What Is It?

  • Delta’s Evolution

When Delta was first established in 2017, it specialized in tracking cryptocurrencies in a sector with few all-encompassing solutions. Delta Investment Tracker has developed into a powerful tool that supports more than just cryptocurrencies as of right now, in 2023. These days, it includes a wide range of asset classes, including NFTs, stocks, futures, funds, currencies, and indexes. The software wants to be an all-inclusive resource for investors in different financial sectors.

It Is For Whom?

  • Giving Active Portfolio Managers More Power

People who actively manage their investment portfolios are catered to by Delta Investment Tracker. It is intended for people who appreciate strategic decision-making and direct control. When managing a portfolio that includes a variety of asset classes, brokerages, exchanges, and wallets, Delta becomes a crucial tool.

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The Delta Investment Tracker’s Main Features

  • Strong Set of Features

A wide range of services are available through Delta, including live price updates, detailed order book information, real-time profit and loss measures, and in-depth asset analysis. Advanced stats, live pricing updates without manual reloading, unlimited connections, early access to new features, and customization choices like monochrome mode are all available to those who subscribe to Delta Pro.

Pros And Cons

  • Pros
    • A free, comprehensive plan with access to the majority of features
    • Support for several assets across various classes
    • A design and interface that is easy to use.
    • Portfolio and watchlist customization.
    • Real-time live pricing and informative explanations of asset movement
  • Cons
    • Limited compatibility with brokers and exchanges.
    • Automatic synchronization for certain exchanges but not all.
    • Reports from some users of synchronization issues.

Delta Pro Plan vs. Delta Free Plan

  • Recognizing the Price Tiers

The majority of functionality is accessible with Delta’s free plan; however, customers are only allowed two connections to devices, wallets, and brokerages. The Delta Pro plan, which costs $58.99 a year, offers a host of extra features in contrast, including advanced metrics, limitless connections, early access incentives, and customization possibilities.

Evaluation Of Alternatives

  • An original product in a crowded market

In contrast to rivals like CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, or Yahoo Finance, Delta stands out for its capacity to combine brokerage and cryptocurrency exchange services into a single app at an affordable price. While other platforms can place more emphasis on certain asset types, Delta provides a complete solution.

  • Solid Reputation of Delta

With its unrivaled services, Delta Investment Tracker has earned its name as a freemium software. It is advised that investors actively manage broad portfolios across a range of asset types. The software is a useful learning tool in addition to making portfolio administration easier.

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Review Of The Delta Portfolio Tracker

  • A Portfolio Management App with Everything

Users of Delta Portfolio Tracker may thoroughly manage and monitor their assets. Over 10,000 different assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indexes, and more, are supported. The performance of a portfolio, risk assessment, fees, and trading information are all clearly outlined by Delta. Users may use it to assess their investing choices and benchmark them.

Review Of Delta Investment Tracker Features

  • A Wide Range of Tracking Capabilities

With support for more than 7,000 coins and tokens from different blockchains, Delta excels as a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. It is a flexible tool for investors because it also tracks equities and fiat currencies. Fans of NFT will like its support for observing NFT collections across many platforms.

Supported Stock Exchanges And Cryptography

  • Numerous Exchange Support Options

For more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges and more than 100 stock brokers, Delta offers price tracking. Not all, nevertheless, enable automatic synchronization. These and other well-known supported exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.

Review Of Delta Security

  • Putting user security first

To protect user data and privacy, Delta uses encryption, PIN codes, biometrics, and secure API key procedures. Additionally, they adhere to a strong code of privacy, guaranteeing the confidentiality of customer data.

Review Of The Delta Mobile App: Customer Service And Usability

  • Support and a user-friendly interface

The mobile app for Delta has a sleek, adaptable user interface. It has a thorough help section with FAQs and instructions. Support may be contacted by users via email or social media.

Countries Supported by Delta

  • Accessibility worldwide
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Although certain features may change based on a location’s laws, Delta is reachable from anywhere on the globe. Users should check whether certain features and data are accessible in their area.

Understanding Delta Direct

  • Communication Improvement in the Crypto Space

By allowing direct communication between crypto token teams and users via the app, Delta Direct promotes openness and engagement among the cryptocurrency community.

Setup Instructions For Delta Investment Tracker

  • Simple and quick setup

Downloading the app, making an account, choosing preferences, setting up portfolios, and adding assets are all necessary steps in setting up Delta Investment Tracker. It is a natural process.

Conclusion: Is Delta Worth It?

Finally, Delta Investment Tracker demonstrates its value as a comprehensive portfolio management software, particularly for investors with diversified portfolios spread across several asset classes and platforms. It is an invaluable tool for active investors and traders due to its many features, user-friendly layout, and strong security measures. 

The Delta Pro subscription unlocks further benefits for individuals looking for sophisticated measurements and customization possibilities, even if the free plan provides a good amount of functionality. Delta’s strong reputation and accessibility on a worldwide scale add to its attractiveness in the dynamic world of banking and investments.

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