Cryptoblades: Play To Earn With One’s Own Combat Skills

  • Cryptblade is an NFT play-to-earn game that has the feature of role-playing too.
  • There are several ways to earn while playing, which include- adventure mode, treasure, etc.
  • The gaming experience has an additional degree of efficiency with the help of blockchain.

What Is Cryptoblades?

An NFT play-to-earn (P2E) and role-playing game combined, Cryptoblades operates on the BNB Chain (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain) blockchain network. The game is now accessible on additional networks. These consist of Aurora, Avalanche, and Polygon. The video game Cryptoblades, created by Riveted Games, awards players with SKILL tokens, which serve as the game’s currency. Uniquely created ‘Heroes’ that participate in epic fights and gather legendary weapons while gaining SKILL are featured in the game.

Cryptoblades Guide To Gameplay

To buy BNB and trade it for SKILL in ApeSwap, one needs a Binance account. Direct purchases and transfers of BNB can be made to their Metamask wallet. The exchange can then be done by users. Players can mint their first character and weapon after switching. Nevertheless, players can only purchase up to three weapons and a maximum of four characters, depending on their financial situation. Additionally, players should always make sure they have additional SKILL on hand to pay for petrol.


  • Fire (stronger than Earth but weaker than Water)
  • Earth (stronger than Lightning but weaker than Fire)
  • Lightning (stronger than Water but weaker than Earth)
  • Water (stronger than Fire but weaker than Lightning)


Characters engage in combat with creatures in the Cryptoblades universe. Here, one can equip various weapons and view their opponent’s stats. The most difficult battles yield the largest rewards for the players. Just pick an opponent, match them, and sign the deal. Players must enter the Arena to participate in PVP mode. In this scenario, if one wins or successfully repels an attack, they will receive ranking points and SKILL prizes. In the Raid mode, players can also work together to defeat bosses.

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Cryptoblades Guide: How to Earn While Playing

The in-game SKILL coin is used for trading in the market or issuing rewards. An individual player must:

  • Battle foes in the Adventure mode.
  • In PVP mode, defeat other players.
  • In the PVP season, place among the top three players.
  • Utilize the Treasury’s unclaimed SKILL.
  • Place SKILL at Risk to Gain More SKILL 
  • Sell NFTs (including the character and/or weapons) in the market.

Cryptoblades Guide: NFTs

The ERC-721 standard is used by players to mint their in-game characters and weaponry. On the Cryptoblade market, both assets are tradable. The SKILL token is obtained through gameplay and NFT sales because this is a play-to-earn game. Players can buy resources and sell characters and goods at the Bazaar in the Cryptoblades game.

Cryptoblades And Blockchain

One of the best P2E games available on the blockchain is called Cryptoblades. The platform’s user-friendly interface, opportunity to compete against friends, and marketplace for real money will appeal to gamers. All of this is done while maintaining the classic game format, in which players can create characters to use in an immersive environment. The gaming experience now has an additional degree of efficiency thanks to other blockchain networks. Additionally, since some networks have cheaper petrol prices, gamers have the chance to earn more money.

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