Crypto Project Abandoned By Top Celebrities Like Logan Paul

  • Because of the similarity between crypto and blockchains, such as decentralized money or smart contract platforms, it is difficult to distinguish oneself in a market of over 10,000 cryptocurrencies.
  • In contrast, several cryptocurrencies are increasingly relying on celebrity endorsements to advertise themselves.

Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity and fascination, catching the attention of both seasoned investors and the general public. As the digital revolution gained traction, an intriguing pattern emerged: celebrity involvement in various crypto ventures. Famous personalities have used their names and power to promote the possibilities of digital currencies, from endorsements and investments to actively participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). 

However, as the crypto ecosystem developed, so did celebrities’ relationships with their crypto companies, with a growing number of high-profile individuals choosing to separate themselves from these projects.

Celebrities’ Increase In The Crypto World

The ‘Crypto Bowl,’ a high-profile event that featured celebrity sponsorships, helped cryptocurrencies gain enormous popularity. LeBron James and Matt Damon were frequently featured in advertisements, establishing their status as reliable investment options. However, as the cryptocurrency market came under investigation and experienced volatility, the potential drawbacks and hazards emerged, leading to a reevaluation of celebrity endorsements and their duty to warn followers about these risks.

Celebs Stop Participating In Crypto Project

The tendency of celebrities to quit previously sponsored cryptocurrency initiatives has become more obvious. While celebrities were initially enthusiastic about digital currencies, the hurdles and issues surrounding the crypto business have caused some well-known personalities to withdraw from their crypto ventures. Listed below are examples:

  • Logan Paul
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Logan Paul, a YouTuber and influencer, created CryptoZoo, a cryptocurrency initiative that allows users to hatch and raise hybrid NFT creatures. The initiative drew attention and investors, including Rueben Tauk, who made a significant investment.

However, CryptoZoo never became a game, and the token value collapsed, resulting in large losses for investors. Investors sued Paul and CryptoZoo, claiming fraud, breach of contract, negligence, and other allegations. Critics accused Paul of supporting ideas that ultimately failed, a tendency that was obvious in his cryptocurrency endeavors. Paul vowed to refund at least $1.3 million to CryptoZoo token holders in January 2023 and stated his decision to exit the game.

The demise of CryptoZoo, as well as the controversy surrounding Paul’s crypto initiatives, highlight the hazards connected with celebrity sponsorships in the cryptocurrency field, and investors are urged to undertake rigorous research before investing in projects based purely on celebrity endorsements.

  • Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather have been accused of participating in a ‘pump and dump’ scheme by supporting the EthereumMax (EMAX) cryptocurrency token without disclosing their financial incentives. The lawsuit, which was first dismissed in December 2022, gained traction when US District Judge Michael Fitzgerald refused to dismiss the couple’s unfair competition accusations.

According to the amended complaint, the celebrities unfairly benefited from their endorsements and misled their followers with an investment proposition that lacked a real business strategy. The defendants failed to make persuasive arguments in their favor. 

The revival of these allegations highlights the importance of heightened scrutiny and accountability for celebrity endorsements in the bitcoin industry. To safeguard their followers and investors, celebrities must be open about their financial links while advocating crypto coins.

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The conclusion of this ongoing litigation will have a significant impact on the landscape of celebrity endorsements and their duties in the cryptocurrency field.

  • DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather Jr. supporting Centra Tech

Centra Tech, an ICO for a cryptocurrency debit card solution, was backed by Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled, and it garnered popularity and legitimacy. However, they were detained and accused of fraud, which had legal repercussions. 

The SEC discovered in November 2018 that Mayweather had concealed a payment of $100,000 from Centra Tech and that Khaled had concealed a payment of $50,000. As part of the settlement, Mayweather agreed to refrain from marketing digital or securities for three years and to pay a $300,000 fine, disgorge $300,000, and pay $14,775 in prejudgment interest. Khaled consented to a two-year ban from advertising securities as well as a $50,000 disgorgement, a $100,000 fine, $2,725 in prejudgment interest, and other terms.

  • Matt Damon

Actor Matt Damon received criticism for taking part in a advertisement. The advertisement, which features Damon strolling through a gallery resembling a museum, sought to emphasize human progress and the distinction between those who succeed and those who don’t. In the advertisement, astronauts and mountain climbers talked about “moments of truth” and the courage required to take advantage of possibilities. The commercial was frequently parodied on Twitter, which made Damon’s name popular. 

The macho appeal of the advertisement was challenged by journalist Adam Johnson, who said that similar sales pitches had historically persuaded men to invest their wealth. The outcry made headlines and raised concerns about the wisdom of celebrities offering financial advice.

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Consequences And Lessons Learned

Celebrities giving up on cryptocurrency projects emphasizes the value of in-depth analysis, openness, and long-term dedication in the cryptocurrency sector. 

Celebrities should put an emphasis on transparency, declare their financial interests, and gauge their level of dedication.

Celebrities are increasingly abandoning cryptocurrency ventures, highlighting the shifting dynamics between celebrities and the business and the demand for precise standards and industry best practices to handle the difficulties and dangers of celebrity endorsements.


The pattern of celebrities promoting ventures and then distancing themselves when things go wrong raises concerns about the duty and accountability of crypto influencers. It emphasizes the value of transparency, ethics, and true involvement in projects over just exploiting one’s celebrity for financial advantage.

These occurrences also emphasize the need for better Bitcoin legislation and consumer protection measures. Investors should be careful and discriminating, depending on verified facts and independent analysis rather than blindly following celebrity endorsements.

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