Blockchain Influencer, Kamlesh Nagware: Empowering The Future

  • Kamlesh Nagware, CTO at Snapper Future Tech, started his blockchain journey in 2016.
  • Kamlesh’s fascination with blockchain technology kept him pushing forward.
  • Kamlesh Nagware is one of the top 30 blockchain influencers in India.

Kamlesh Nagware has been a technology leader committed to youth. The role of a technology leader is no longer just about creating and driving innovation. It goes beyond that by fostering empowerment for the next generation and making a long-lasting positive impact on society by being committed to the digital empowerment of youth.

The Ignition Phase In Kamlesh’s Blockchain Career

Kamlesh’s blockchain journey started with IBM India in 2016 and then proceeded further on with Snapper Future Tech as its CTO (Chief Technical Officer). Apart from this, he has served as a blockchain mentor at ApiaryBlockchain CoE, an entity of the government of India and as an advisor to Web3 and various CBDC startups globally. 

Nagware witnessed a rapid revolution in the tech landscape. He has seen everything from the early days of web development and app development to the Web3, metaverse, NFTs, AI and blockchain. He used to engage and interact with fellow enthusiasts in forums and meetups.

Exploring The Vast Scope Of Blockchain Technology

According to Kamlesh, the blockchain community is experiencing exponential growth in India. There have been numerous blockchain enthusiasts and various blockchain-based startups that have started in the recent past. Many big blockchain protocol multinational firms are looking to India to set up a blockchain community.

A few big names in the crypto market, like Algorand, Polkadot and Layer1X, have already initiated an India-centric approach and see India as a potential market for next-gen technologies. Kamlesh saw this early on in his career: the scope of blockchain technology is vast and dynamic. 

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While many enthusiasts were satisfied with the launch of Bitcoin and thought that that was the only utilization of blockchain technology, Kamlesh saw a whole ecosystem waiting to reveal itself.

With the introduction of smart contracts by Ethereum, it was pretty evident that the blockchain framework had the impeccable potential to revolutionize various industries ranging from finance to supply chain and further on to the digital art and musical landscape.

Challenges And Obstacles 

The transformation of Kamlesh from being a curious observer to an accomplished blockchain technologist hasn’t been smooth. While he was on the path of a persistent quest for knowledge, grasping it from books and online courses, he dealt with many challenges.

Kamlesh encountered various technical hurdles, like getting accustomed to the various intricacies involved in the consensus mechanism algorithms and the framework of smart contracts. Apart from this, non-technical challenges were a major obstacle. Blockchain technology doesn’t have a very specific regulatory landscape. It requires numerous collaborations and knowledge sharing to overcome the skepticism regarding blockchain.


Kamlesh Nagware, being a technological leader in blockchain, has sailed seamlessly on the transformative power of this technology. His top-notch priority is to empower the youth and secure the future with innovators, visionaries and enthusiasts.

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