A Guide To Digital Nomads And Web3 Facts

  • Is possible to live a digital nomad life while earning and working? 
  • This is where a correct guide and essential facts to know before living a digital nomad life can come in handy. 

In the pandemic times, the digital nomad life has been the only source of living and working at the same time. Digital nomadism and Web support have been two more excellent power sources for all of us. 

What Is A Digital Nomad?

Digital Nomad started to gain polarity around 2015-17 when a writer also mentioned and fantasized about this traveling while working, where 9-5 will turn into classic or traditional stuff. Digital nomadism means that a person is no longer bound by the four walls or cubicles but is set to work remotely for their company. 

Now, while one is at home or traveling, they still need to work, so they might wonder if it differs from working 9-5 in an office and whether remotely working from home or while traveling brings them an open mindset and less formalism that might create tension in an office environment. Managing a digital nomad life is easy. They must have equipment like a laptop, an internet connection, and a peaceful environment. There are three significant ways to achieve that digital nomad lifestyle: 

  • Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is a person who runs their business solely. It is a great way to start working independently. 

  • Remote employment

Remote employers work remotely, aka not being present in the office. It is an excellent alternative for new moms, single dads, moms, etc. 

  • Freelancing

Freelancing gives one a particular choice to work for whomever they want. They are not bound by one company or organization, but they could work for multiple companies at a similar time. 

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Understanding Web3

Web3 is a new-generation technical term that refers to the Internet world. For the inventors, when the internet was first launched, it was in their hands to create it however they wanted. Therefore, they divide these into three phases: Web1, Web2 and Web3. 

Web3 is the phase where it is considered a purely decentralized technology. This means the company will not have any control over one’s data, nor will they have control over their data. The best example of this is cryptocurrency, which is decentralized and has no controlling entity, government, or other different commission. There are three main reasons why a digital nomad cares about the Web3 phase of the internet: philosophy, future jobs, and tools. 

  • Philosophy

The philosophy behind this is a repeated mindset, and one way to define success is having a high-paying job. One doesn’t need to play by these rules. One can create their own type of success by being whatever they like and not working for anyone’s company.

  • Future jobs

Future jobs hold many great opportunities to work via Web3. 

  • Tools

The tools needed in this new version of Web3 make the digital nomad life more manageable and smoother.

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