A Guide For Collectors About Moonbird NFTs And Oddities

  • Moonbirds is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, which is an unfinished idea started by Kevin Rose.
  • When Moonbird holders reached Bronze Nest status after staking their NFTs for 30 days, they received them as the first airdrop reward.
  • The future of Moonbirds isn’t as promising as it used to be, making it even harder to recover.

What Are Moonbird NFTs?

On April 16, 2022, a collection of 10,000 NFTs called Moonbirds was released. It was developed by well-known American internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose as a component of his just-launched Proof Collective, a closed community of NFT collectors and artists. Rose established himself as an internet star, investor, podcaster, and the creator of the news aggregate Digg before Moonbirds and before becoming a well-known figure in Web3/NFTs.

Creation Of Moonbirds

Moonbirds was Kevin Rose’s idea, but the finished result undoubtedly benefited from the work of many other developers and Proof members. One of them is Justin Mezzell, the Proof platform’s co-founder and CPO and the creator of the distinctive pixel art aesthetic used by the Moonbirds.

What Do Collectors Gain From Having Moonbirds?

The Moonbirds collection provides its collectors with a wide range of incentives in addition to the normal PFP NFT roadmap promises.

The ability to stake or ‘Nest’ an NFT is arguably one of the most distinctive and notable ‘utilities’ made available to Moonbirds collectors. When a Moonbird’s NFT is nested, it is locked (making it untradeable) without having to be moved to a vault for storage.

On the other hand, why would one want to lock up their Moonbird? As a result, their Moonbird NFT will start to gain more advantages, advance through the tier levels, and even upgrade their nest to increase profitability, all of which will result in even more improved drops and awards.

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$Talons Token

The Moonbirds team disclosed that NFT holders might stake their NFTs to gain $TALONS tokens every day in April 2023.

The team intends to offer token owners a wide range of advantages, including unique goods, experiences, merchandise, and spots on allowlists. The $TALONS coin can currently only be used inside the PROOF ecosystem.

What Are Moonbird Oddities?

The Moonbirds Oddities subset is a weird but intriguing addition to the Moonbirds NFT collection. When Moonbird holders reached Bronze Nest status after staking their NFTs for 30 days, they received them as the first airdrop reward.

Oddities were first portrayed as owl pellets, which are tiny balls made of partially digested food that owls vomit. These pellets started to break open in the Moonbird universe in July 2022, exposing unexpected living forms, such as skeletal rats. Gremplin’s innovative pixel art style was used to create the artwork. Both the Oddities and Moonbirds collections switched to a CC0 license as of August 2022.

The Future Of Moonbirds

Although Moonbirds had a promising beginning, its popularity over time dwindled, making it difficult to maintain its early success. It remains to be seen if the project can recover because it will depend on several variables, including market trends and the project’s capacity for adaptation and regaining momentum.

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